new jersey

right off the bat i would like to say that my boyfriend lives in New Jersey, and he is fiercely proud of his state. when he learned that my mom was born in Paterson, he got really excited that i am "half Jersey," whatever that means. i think my boyfriend is pretty rad, and he has good taste in things like sofas and sportcoats.

i am only putting these facts out there so that there can be some mitigation of the (admittedly judgmental) comment i am about to make, but i have to say it because if the internet is not a place for cruel stereotyping, i don't know what is.

a dog named Elwood was recently named The World's Ugliest Dog. Elwood is owned by a woman from new jersey, and she had this to say about him:

"I think he's the cutest thing that ever lived."

this dog is so ugly that i can't even bring myself to post his picture on here. click here to see him, but be warned. he looks like an Orc. a lady pointed out that if he were born during the middle ages, he would be tried as a witch.

this is the point: i think it is telling that a woman who is unable to tell the difference between The World's Ugliest Dog and "the cutest thing that's ever lived" is from New Jersey.

that is all.


meredith said...

unless you are eating, take a look at poppy and peewee martini, his competitors...


a lady said...

oh man. see, I want to look again and figure out what those fleshy fang things actually were sticking out of its mouth, but I can't. I just can't.

also, fucking Balk posted the harry potter spoiler from a bloomsbury person and I am PISSED...at myself for reading it.

helen said...

oh god you made me read it too. i haven't had this much self-hatred since high school.

bots! said...

the best thing about it is that these people BREED these dogs to look like that.



Will said...

I applaud the woman for loving that ugly pup.