get out of town

when i consume too much media, i start thinking of my life in terms of thematic chunks of time: it's The Year Of The Dress! it's National Glaucoma Awareness Month! i'm sorry, i can't come over for dinner, because it's All Things Meat Week on the food network and i've been informed that i can't miss a minute.

it's possible that the period from July 10, 2006 to July 10, 2007 has been, for me, The Year Of Obsessing About Travel. here's why: on last year's July 10, I bought a plane ticket to San Francisco in order to go do glamorous things next to a different ocean than the one next to which i normally do glamorous things.

no, wait, whoops, I accidentally clicked "buy" twice, and bought two plane tickets to San Francisco (exciting side effect: newfound inability to purchase anything using my credit card, due to maxedoutage). so i called, and complained, and they gave me a credit that would be good for a year, and i started planning.

and planning. and planning. and then suddenly it was three days ago and i had to buy my ticket immediately and i arbitrarily decided to go to a small town in Ontario, Canada where my parents inexplicably have a second home, and i cleared the dates with all relevant parties (boyfriend, parents, boss) and, deepbreath, called yesterday to order my tickets.

you already know how this ends. my ticket not only had to be purchased before yesterday, but the travel had to begin before yesterday. and despite my brilliant plan of buying a ticket to Phoenix that would leave at 7pm, and which I would cancel immediately after buying in order to reup my credit for another year, I was foiled. but the nice Expedia representative was so moved by my pathetic inability to actually function as an adult that she gave me a $200 coupon good for any hotel purchase booked online.

which expires in a year.

i'll let you know how that one turns out.

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ian said...

dearest helen,

it's been a while. i never thanked you for the pinnochiatic (fantastic word) rise of my last comment (on colons) to the "real post section," or complemented your reply. or wrote the similarly-veined reply of my own that i'd planned. the thesis did, eventually, have to actually get written.

in the meantime, i've continued to enjoy your blog, when able, from various internet cafes around the world as i do the whole i-don't-know-what-i-want-to-do-with-my -life round-the-world trip.

but, now, let me venture a guess: you have been reading david foster wallace's Infinite Jest recently, haven't you? that book had me addicted a couple of months ago, before cutting me off by so rudely ending. between the "i jest, i jest" of two posts ago, and this post's "Year of The ..." motif, you've been brimming with IJ allusions recently.


ian lovett