playing chicken

my love affair with chicken nuggets is a well-documented phenomenon. even though it's been almost two years since those golden pieces of heaven were discussed here, my affection hasn't waned. let it be known: helen thinks chicken nuggets are awesome.

but as i become an old hag who is, as of two weeks ago, officially twenty-five-and-a-half, i realize i am closer to being 50 than i am to being born. and this makes me worry about things like wrinkles and my waistline and getting enough calcium, and whether i should start dyeing my hair blonde now so that when i am fully gray-haired and go blonde to cover it, people might actually think it is natural. this also means i am worried about my already molasses-slow metabolism sputtering down to the approximate speed of a wheelless pickup truck propped up on cinder blocks, so i am trying (ok, thinking about trying) to eat healthyishly and not let myself be swayed by the siren call of the mcdonald's across the street from my office.

but i just learned a fact.

according to jezebel, there are fewer calories and more protein to be found in a mcdonald's four-piece chicken nuggets than in a luna bar. plus a luna bar costs three bucks and tastes like a bicycle tire, whereas a four-piece costs one dollar and tastes like happiness.

true love never dies. that is what i have learned today.


a lady said...

yes, but, you don't know what's in said chicken nuggets.

La ReinaLexa said...

Eww. Yeah. They say they're all natural now, but this may only be true for some McDonald's. The other ones may still be getting shipments of the...err--for lack of better term--nasty ones.

I prefer the Chicken Selects. And if I am avoiding McD's altogether, they I'd say go for the ones at the supermarket. Yummier.