westward, ho!

what's better than legoland and euchre? nothing, that's what. so in that spirit i am jetting of to LA tonight to spend five days alternately building things out of bits of Danish plastic, and getting progressively drunker as I play an old-people-and-canadians card game with my boyfriend and his college buddies (and, as he helpfully pointed out, "their wives and stuff.")

some parting thoughts:

1. how awesome would it be to text all your harry-potter-loving friends at 12:04 on saturday morning saying "OMG did you get to the part where Hermione dies yet!??!?!" answer: significantly awesome.*

2. i am very sad about the horrible plane crash in Brazil last night, but i am going to take comfort in the unlikelihood of there being more than one giant flaming horrific aviation-related tragedy within the same 24-hour period, and feel safe on my flight this evening.

3. while the woman whose chin and white blouse are visible in this picture is Arianna Huffington, from this angle she looks eerily like my mom:

*dear crazy people who read this and emailed me yelling about a lack of spoiler warning:

dude. no. this is not a spoiler. this is me hypothesizing about the potential hilarity of a fake spoiler that could be positioned, temporally speaking, in such a way that the recipients thereof would not realize it is fake. sorry if that was unclear.



-j. said...


helen said...

sorry, i should have been more clear: it is my understanding that the majority of contemporary euchre players are (a) old, (b) canadian, or (c) both.

you can't get mad at me for that. some of my best friends are old canadians.

Mr Farty said...

I learned euchre years and years ago. No Canadians were involved. Or anyone over thirty. Plenty of drunks though.

My gran always carried a bomb in her luggage for a similar reason. What are the chances of there being two bombs on the same plane?

So who is Hermione?

La ReinaLexa said...

That would be funny. Except I'd kill whoever said it to me.

That's why the second I get the book, I go on media withdrawal.

Until I finish HP7, I do not view TV, check e-mail, sign on to anything.

I just read. Until I finish. XD

A is A said...

To help you with your "spot the Canadians" game (I'm Canadian...I think I have some perspective on this matter).
1. Bump into them, if THEY say sorry...Canadian
2. If they refer to ANYTHING in metric...Canadian
3. If they call "soda pop" just pop and not soda....Canadian
4. If they are reeaaally excited about getting to a Target store...Canadian
5. If they are wearing bright white basketball sneakers...NOT Canadian (we just don't understand that trend).