a fable

chapter 1
many years ago i decided i wanted to be a lawyer, and then i realized that was a very very bad idea, and i like working with books better, so never mind.

chapter 2
this morning i received a phone call from the law school i once thought i wanted to attend, saying "so we'll see you in two weeks!"

it all worked out in the end.

moral of the story
even fancy law schools make clerical errors.

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A is A said...

Prologue: I should be lawyer...

Chapter 1: I am in law school and that has turned out to be a somewhat bad idea (reinforcer, though you needed one)

Chapter 2: I enjoy your blog and had mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms due to lack of posts...new posts are enjoyable.

Epilogue: I feel better now.

Moral of the story: cynical yet (and?) entertaining blogs make law school (aka life) bearable. Thanks.