helen and the awesome factory

on the way home from work today i had nothing to read. this usually leads to buying a chickadelic magazine like glamour or cosmo so that i can learn 150 Tricks That Will Drive Him Wild! and also feel Accepting Of My Flaws etc.

but i passed a streetside bookseller before i passed a newsstand, and since he was packing up at the end of the night he said "any book, two dollars," and there was a hardcover copy of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory on the table so i figured hells yeah, and bought it.

the cover is pretty cool. it looks like the cover on this edition, which if you clicked just then you would have noticed that it is worth many thousands of dollars, so the moral of this story is holy fucking crap, i just bought a first-edition book on the street for two dollars. i win.


ljd said...

*is* it a first edition or did they reuse the cover? if it is, let's create a joint Serendipitously Acquired Modern Firsts Library, to include this book and my copy of Gravity's Rainbow.

EL said...

Ah - but *I* have a golden ticket, and a golden chance to make my dreams come true. So, actually, *I* win.