punch lines

a pig like that, you don't eat all at once.

welcome to jamaica - have a nice day!

you think i asked for a twelve-inch pianist?

i'm afraid not.

nacho cheese!

for you? no charge.

aaah! talking muffin!

you got me out of the shower to tell me this?

now aren't you sorry you had me neutered?

it's okay, we're not welcome at the grocery store, either.


RW said...

You woke me up at four in the morning to hear some asshole sing?

-j. said...

The matador does not always win, senor!

A is A said...

Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach.

Rococo Cocoa said...

You should have people make jokes to go with those punchlines.

RW said...

Mine has to do with a terrible car accident, a rookie undertaker, and a corpse.

ljd said...

Grass. I lied about the wheels.

White Chocolate said...

Why do you ask, Two Dogs F******?

La ReinaLexa said...

'Who talkin' abouta sexa? I'm a justa tellin' my frienda how to spella Mississippi.'

EL said...

Grocery store and grass - lied about the wheels both warm my heart.

Big bonus points to whoever can remember my favorite joke of all time, which I have forgotten. All I remember is that it took a while to get it, after hearing the punchline, and it was fucking out-of-this-world hilarious. I was telling everyone I knew, circa fall 2002. Anyone? Please?

Liz L.