bigger than jesus

Instead of taking a normal Beowulf-reading English class during my junior year of high school, I took a course called Dramatic Literature, in which basically we screwed around in the theater wing and occasionally wrote and then performed for the entire school plays in which, for example, I had to lesbionically kiss my best friend, who was playing my life partner, and got to kiss on the cheek my objet d'crush, who was playing my son.

Our final project for the year was to write a script for any medium. I decided to write a murder mystery, and because I am pretty much terrible at coming up with plots, I took the song "Video Killed The Radio Star" and broke the lyrics down until I had a plot. (There was a character named Walter Video. And a very famous radio star died. I bet you can't guess who did it.)

This is all by way of introduction to the fact that Mister Boyfriend and I are going to see the movie Across the Universe tonight, which basically as far as I can tell takes what I did to one song by The Buggles and applies it to the entire Beatles catalog.

To remind Boyfriend when and where we are seeing the movie, I sent him an email with the following subject line:

I can't forget the time or place

Just in case you are secretly, I don't know, a pod person, and for that reason do not grok the brilliance, here is what just happened there in that email subject line:
  1. It is a song lyric, which is a measurable step up from my usual email subject lines of "hi" and "!" and "[null set]"
  2. The song lyric refers to a) time and b) place, both of which are enumerated within the email (7:35 and union square, to be precise).
  3. The song lyric is taken from a Beatles song, and the movie whose time and place needed to be ascertained is, as mentioned, full of Beatles songs.

When Boyfriend failed to have the appropriately incredulous/fawning reaction to this, and I had an incredulous/non-fawning reaction to that, he explained it thusly: "it's just so perfect that it is too good to get credit for."


Kat said...

as a pod person, I'd like to personally thank you for taking the time to include an explanation.

RW said...

Boyfriend is obviously very ept.

helen said...

yes, he's quite lovely. i'm getting tired of calling him "boyfriend," though. maybe i will ask him if i can use his name.

Captain Smack said...

I didn't get it until you explained it, either. I also don't know what a pod person is, which probably makes me some kind of sub-pod person. And I seriously doubt I would have been able to pull that out of the fire as skillfully as Boyfriend.

I feel really inadequet now.

Oh, great. And I misspelled inadequate, too. God, I'm such a loser...