a basic fact is that i love a lady's blog so much that i sometimes slip into her voice when thinking about my own life, and start getting all Royal We in my mental narrative and seriously consider starting to wear accessories.*

another basic fact is that i am not such a huge fan of pass-it-on memes. (except for the really long email questionnaires where you have to answer questions about yourself such as "chocolate or vanilla?" and "how many people have you kissed?" those are my kryptonite, i completely drop everything when one lands in my inbox and fill it out posthaste.) but when you get a pass-it-on meme from Mlle. Lady and you implicitly trust her taste in all matters chic and social, it is probably an a-ok meme and you can revel in its bright-pinkness.

anyway, what ho, hurrah, she has named me a Rockin' Girl Blogger, and it comes with a picture:

the rules are that now I, in turn, name five Rockin' Girl Bloggers. The Lady herself would be among them, but no tagbacks. So without further ado:

Meredith demonstrates a sense of sincere irony (or is it ironic sincerity?) that is so finely-tuned it would bring someone with perfect pitch to their knees, weeping tears of joy that they at last live in a world free from error. her blog involves many, many lists, all of which are inspired.

Leila posts to this blog approximately never, because she is all off being intelligent and professional on this blog. but she is, as the kids say, on her shit. she is single-handedly credited with introducing me to the music of Lil Mama.

now we encounter a problem. Kat hasn't updated in like nine thousand years. ditto most of the other girlbloggers i know. I read lots of sites written by girls (oh my god, basically Jezebel is the emotional center of my life right now, sorry Boyfriend), but because they are infinity more famous and important than I am I am selfishly not going to reward them even more. So I will bend the rules thusly:

- a tagback to A Lady.
- Leila counts as two, because she has two blogs.
- and Matt Carman, because he won't mind that I call him a pussy.

*glasses do not count as an accessory.

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