vignette: sunday night at home

family guy's chris griffin as luke skywalker (on the television): hey han?
family guy's peter griffin as han solo (on the television): what?
chris/luke (tv): why do they call 'em TIE fighters?
me (real life, out loud, excitedly): it stands for Twin Ion Engine!
peter/han (tv): no idea!

there is no more to this because when it happened i was alone. in a room. talking out loud to a television. on which played a cartoon reenactment of a sci-fi movie. that is all.


the slackmistress said...

Will saw the previews and said "wow, like that's timely." I had to explain to him that it was for the nerds. Thank you for proving my point.

-sm, not allowed to watch Star Wars in the house. (And who also doesn't watch FG, but for a different reason altogether.)

Little Bill said...

@Helen, It was a riot. I'm so glad for DVR so I can watch it again and again. I particularly loved the bits about the couch.

@slackmistress. Why would anyone not be allowed to watch Star Wars? Unfair!