adornment exceptions

I'm not, by nature, much of a jewelry wearer. But I am, by nature, a giant design snob and a tremendous lover of the nerdy. And I'd argue that the combined nature-ness of those latter two seriously outweigh the non-nature of the former one, and so I say with confidence that I would totally wear both of these necklaces for, like, maybe 20 minutes before clawing at the clasp to get them off because holy shit I hate wearing necklaces.

The first, by cultish Brit jewelry label Tatty Devine, is a freaking Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in necklace form. Nothing, but nothing, classes up a little black dress like a gold-colored dinosaur silhouette around your neck. Ideal for a night at the theater, or seducing your paleontologist of choice.

And the second marvelous drive-me-to-exception necklace is by kickass design team mike and maaike, who have printed pixelated images of famous stolen jewels onto die-cut leather, creating a marvelous effect that will make your geek friends jubilant and your friends who forgot to wear their glasses second guess their vision. Bonus points if you can convince your gentleman caller du jour to accompany you wearing ThinkGeek's marvelous, quasimatching 8-bit tie.

So, FYI, unrelatedly, my birthday is January 6.


Anonymous said...

Excellent as these necklaces are, can you post about sex or drugs or something to reassure me that you're still inappropriate?

Anonymous said...

Oh I adore it, though, admittedly, I'd love it more if they were mock-ups of jewelry from 8-bit games instead. I understand that they're pixellated mocks of famous jewels but to me, that means less. I'd have a geekgasm over a girl who wore, say, razor's choker from from Maniac Mansion ... but nothing over a girl who's wearing some mockup of a crown jewel because there's personal attachment to the jewel.

Katherine said...

My own contribution to necklace geekery:


Also, I get extra nerdpoints because the URL contains the word "fractal"

helen said...

oh katherine, that is MARVELOUS.