hi mom

An old friend found me via facebook a few weeks ago and we excitedly agreed to get drinks and catch up on approximately the past twenty years. We're now locked in the familiar cycle of "oh this week doesn't work for me, how about next week," which will probably go on for another year or so until we accidentally run into one another at a bar or party and consider that sufficient to meet our obligation.

My mom and I were on the phone last night, and she mentioned that this friend's mom, with whom my mom remains in touch, reads my blog and finds it "interesting." So my mom asked how she could read my blog, in order that she might assess its level of interestingness. She is now in possession of the tools with which to do this.

My mom is quite a marvelous mom and I don't feel much reason to edit myself in case she stumbles upon anything. But if she were the sort of mom who might blush at mentions of lesbianism or nonvaginal sex, this (oddly cut-off but worth clicking on nonetheless) Achewood strip would pretty much encapsulate how I felt about the matter:


Kat said...

hi helen's mom!

helen, I hope this doesn't affect the inappropriateness of your blog.

Marc Fishman said...

strange of you to add this now, when I realize my youtube clip of my standup was found by my father, who never uses the computer in the first place... a strange time indeed.