this is only a test

Today is 38 days before a Big Day. Specifically, my official first anniversary with Mr. Boyfriend, which we randomly count from November 7 because it was the first date we went on in which the following criteria were met:

  1. neither of us was technically still involved with another person.
  2. people with whom we still socialize were witness to our romantic proximity.
  3. the date did not end with a disastrous run-in that I, in retrospect, find hilarious but which he, in retrospect, finds still to be grounds for twenty minutes of sulkiness.
But today is its own Sort-Of-Big Day, because this day in 2006 was the first day we went on a date in which the following criteria were met:
  1. it was a date.
I am sort of an obsessive chronicler of anniversaries, because I like to be reminded of the passage of time, so I have been mentioning to Mr. B that today is one solar year after a particular event in our relationship history, and he has been all "I do not care about this fact," which is okay because it is not something I really need him to care about.

So a few minutes ago my coworker said "hey, there are some flowers for you up at reception" and I went to check and lo and behold they are from Mr. B, and the card reads Happy Not-A-Versary Helen! and I am pretty sure Mr. B signed it "love" but I got all misty at the supercuteness of it all and how wonderful he is and general overwhelming happy-sappy-etc.

Instead of immediately calling or emailing to say thank you, though, I decided to play it a bit coy (because why not?), and send him flowers in return, with instructions that the card read Ditto. Love, Helen.

Now I wait. Which will he see first - the flowers, or this entry? Stay Tuned!

To fully add dimension to the matter, I earlier today sent Mr. B an email that I will charitably describe as "aggressive," in which I compiled a list of the reasons why something he said last night made me annoyed, and he has not yet replied to that email. It is unclear whether this is because he is furiously angry at me, or unable to email without revealing that he sent me flowers. Also I am so amazed at my capacity to ruin wonderful romantic surprises by sending pissy emails, but that is perhaps a matter for my therapist.

update, 4:53pm: he got the flowers, and has not yet found this blog entry. awww.


Anonymous said...

time to get married

helen said...

i have your lat/long, anonymous, and i am not afraid to stalk you.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaah cute.

-j. said...

I look forward to the day when "lat/long?" replaces "a/s/l?" as the jumping-off point for the majority of internet relationships.

edwina h said...

you two are adorable. i'm glad he didn't see this entry first.