women are just not funny

The decline and fall of western civilization can largely be traced by New York Times articles that attempt to distill the ephemera of youth culture into an easy-to-comprehend article that, more often than not, will capitalize "internet," mention Brooklyn, and use the phrase "blogosphere."

One such article showed up this weekend, and it was about how people who comment on famous blogs become themselves famous. And it mentioned in particular the real identity of a commenter on Gawker named LolCait who, as it turns out, is friends with my friend Leila, thus proving that the internet is a giant ball of incest.

It also proved that, yet again, I am the most sexist person I know. Because when I thought LolCait was a pun-inclined female named Caitlin, I thought she was smug and obnoxious and generally I disliked her. But now I know that she is actually a 24-year-old named Richard, who is a boy, and I think that he is witty and awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Helen,

Please use your literary talents and craft us a new word for 'internet friends who really aren't like friend friends who you know, would be there to give you a hug when gram gram dies as opposed to sending you an ecard to the tune of 'Dude. Suks HC but u'll pull through. Wanna play H3?' People say 'friends' all the time now and I'm getting confused. Thanks.