Welcome to NaBloPoWriMo, broadcasting from TriBeCa, via ParSuGo, formerly of SoHa. (While drinking a SoBe? Nah. Totes SoLaYe.)

The conceit: a blog post a day, every day for the conveniently-thirty-dayed month of November, for no discernable reason except to be the hypertext-driven new-media sibling to faux-literary juggernaut NaNoWriMo, in which one fulfills one's lifelong dream of writing a novel by forcing out 50,000 words in thirty days, despite the fact that most novels run closer to 200,000 words and it will probably take you longer to edit and rewrite and insert coherence into a 50k-word hastily-written novel than it would be to write a well-outlined, researched 200k-word one.

Leila's the one who put me up to this, and by golly, I'm gonna stick to it. Thank heaven for the vignettes.

As long as we're discussing ourselves, there are some exciting new people to check out over there in the links: Angela, previously noted in this space for her extraordinary investigations of the Philip Roth/Benjamin Kunkel prime-time soap opera, and Gregory Levey, who has the distinction of being a person who actually holds down real, interesting jobs that have purpose and meaning and somewhat intimidating authority, and yet remains convincingly ensouled.

Be a dear and see what they have to say.


nadarine said...

I managed to do all of NaBloPoMo last year, but this year, I'm feeling a bit apprehehsive- what if I don't want to leave the bed to grab my laptop on a lazy hungover Sunday? Must motivate.

-j. said...

Oh good, I'd been meaning to take part in NaDoCoBloPoWriMo (National Doofus Comments in everyone's Blog Post Writing Month). Thank you for the opportunity.

Chad said...

I must admit to being terribly excited by this revelation. Of course, my excitement is qualified by the knowledge that I (or those like me) am neither the target audience nor fully capable of comprehension at all times and thus am, at maximum, only capable of 83.4% of the total capacity for zealotry. For those exceeding this threshold I can only imagine the seeing-the-face-of-god type bliss they are experiencing.

Drew said...

After a slip-free stint last year, I'm back for more NaBloPoMo. One day this month, I'm thinking around November 20 or later, I will simply start linking to other people's blogs. Be on the lookout.