seriously high fashion

Oh, goodness, I keep forgetting to mention this: Jetblue, which is my favorite airline because it is as pretentiously lowbrow/highbrow as I myself aspire to be, has this in-flight channel of New York Times writers interviewing Very Important People, so that when one is thirty thousand feet above the ground one can be enhancing one's intellect. And among such inspired interview subjects as Chuck Close and Actual Real Life CSI Agents, there is also a 5-minute clip of style editors Cathy Horyn and Stefano Pilati interviewing Karl Lagerfeld, and it is the greatest thing ever in the world, because he is simultaneously brilliant and bonkers.

Also I saw him on the street once.

C'est fin.


Miss Britt said...

Oh you hip NYers with your hip street sightings and your hip airline stuff.

I want to be you so badly I hate you.

RW said...

What would be cooler would be if you saw him at, like Gray's papaya or something.