vignette: faux foer

me: i am pretty sure i saw jonathan safran foer yesterday
C: really? where?
me: on 6th avenue
me: the manhattan 6th ave, not the brooklyn one, so perhaps unlikely
me: but if it wasn't him, there is a Fake Jonathan Safran Foer among us
C: maybe he hires fake JSFs to wander around and confuse people
C: like they do with the presidential motorcades
me: or saddam hussein
C: maybe JSF is the same person as saddam hussein
me: that adds some seriously weird textual levels to Everything Is Illuminated

this vignette brought to you by NaBloPoWriMo, and my laziness

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Angela said...

Was Nicole Krauss there, too? Or does she stay locked in their 4 billion dollar Park Slope compound all day?