Any club that would have me as a member

Approximately four minutes ago the boyfriend and I were lying on the carpet in the middle of his living room* talking about stupid tricks from elementary school. Like when you would turn to someone and say "Spell ICUP" and then they'd say "I C U P" and you'd laugh at them. Mr B pointed out, appropriately, that actually it was way more sucky for the person who it was said to, because someone saw them pee, and that is pretty much more awful than seeing someone else pee.

"Then of course there is the Pen 15 club," I said.
To which Mr B said: "What's that?"

Of all the moments in my life in which it has been important to maintain composure so as not to ruin the greatest thing that has ever happened in my relationship, this might have been it. I got up off the floor and found a pen.

"Do you want to be in the Pen 15 club?" I asked.
"Yes!" said my unwitting boyfriend.

So I indoctrinated him. Now I am sitting at the computer giggling uncontrollably, and he is in the bathroom scrubbing his hand and simultaneously muttering annoyedly and humming a song by Zombite, which should be your new favorite band.

*there was laundry on the bed, and sometimes you want to lie down but you don't want to pick up a pile of shirts.


A is A said...

Pen 15 Club (member since circa 1994). Oh shit. I don't know if my own Mr. B knows of this. Yes. I shall try it.

Marcin said...

Why isn't there a link for Zombite? THIS POST HAS FAILED AT THE INTERNET.

helen said...

A link has sponatneously appeared in the post, Marcin! I did not edit it.

Miss Britt said...

I couldn't remember how this worked.

So I wrote Pen 15.

On my hand.