My dress has unicorns on it

A Lady does this marvelous thing where she wears incredibly beautiful clothes in an astonishingly stylish way, and takes pictures of herself, and posts them on the internet, and makes her readers swoon and love her.

I don't do this mostly because if you people go blind then where does that leave me? But today I am tempted to make an exception, because here is the thing: I am wearing a dress that has unicorns on it. The unicorns have red manes and pink-dappled flanks and are rearing majestically while standing in front of castles that are resting on clouds. It is all outlined in gold glitter on black chiffon and basically it is the greatest dress in contemporary sartorial history.

I work in an actual office with several hundred real people and it is a safe bet that they will all sort of get swoony and see God whenever they look at me, because the unicorns are so goddamn magical as they swirl around my hemline that you basically have to look away or else enter a state of rapture.

I have paired it, obviously, with royal blue wellies and a black cardigan. Unfortunately my camera is not here, but perhaps later in the day I will draw a picture of my awesomeness and post it here a la A Lady so that you may revel in it and perhaps transfer some measure of its sparkly wonder into your own pitifully unicorn-free lives.


Miss Britt said...

Oh yes, pictures please.

Drawings will not do. Surely you can convince an office mate to take a picture!

a lady said...

show. me.