ohmigod, shoes

I was writing this very long thing about how it is hard to reconcile the cliches and the realities of being a mid-20s media professional (*snort*) living in New York, and there were terrific snide references to Sex and the City and suddenly realizing that I spend more on clothes than rent and stupid crap like that. But rereading it, it was boring and not funny and made me sound incredibly snotty and unpleasant. Which I'm not. I mean, I have a cold right now so I am technically snotty, but not in the way I meant in the sentence two before this one. So I am just going to cut to the point, shallow and ridiculous as it may be.

About a year ago I bought a really gorgeous pair of shoes. They were my first pair by a brand that is fancier than Nine West, and I loved them and wore them to all my holiday parties and felt like a chic and awesome person for owning special insanely fancy designer shoes.

This year, looking for a pair of shoes to wear to this year's holiday parties, I saw on the shelf in a random shoe store these exact ones! Except why would they be carrying Marc Jacobs at the ShoeMania on 14th street?! And when I went to look closer I saw that they were, obviously, duh, not in fact Marc Jacobs, but were knockoffs!

And the point of this is: I own something that has been knocked off! I am at the top of the sartorial food chain!

The consumerist label whore in me rejoices. While the rest of me pretty much hangs my head in shame at the rejoicing of the consumerist label whore.


RW said...

And the realist inside is pissed for spending so much on something it could have engineered a way to get a whole lot cheaper. Like they say, beauty hurts.

helen said...

Oh, god, I should totally have clarified that the shoes I bought last year were themselves from the year before, and so were marked down about 80%.

So maybe not the very top of the sartorial food chain. But still!

Marcin said...

Great...when this happens to me, it means that for the next 3 years I'm not going to be able to find any shoes that I remotely like that aren't cheap knockoffs of previous shoes I have owned. The solution seems to be to go shopping in a different country.

RW said...

All my illusions are dashed.

Mrs RW said...

My daughter bought a pair of Christian Laboutin knock-offs at Baker's last year for about 1/10th the price of the real deal. They look exactly the same (minus the red heel. My dream fantasy is a closet FULL of designer shoes although even ONE pair of Manolo Blahniks would make me happy.