Also also, the Pope remains Catholic.

The New York Times, besides being my favoreenie newspaper and home of the only acceptable crossword puzzle outside the UK*, often writes these adorable articles that proceed kind of like this:

NYT: (pointing to the present and future) look! a trend!
New York residents: (peering in direction NYT is pointing) where? we totally don't see that.
NYT: [explanation of trend!]
New York residents: (pointing to the past) it's actually that way.

I totally love the pieces like this because they make me feel hip and jaded, which is my preferred state of being, but does not come to me terribly naturally, so any help is welcome.

Today's example is actually a pretty well-done piece on the intentional creation of an online identity, particularly as it relates to social networking and dating sites. Attentive readers will note that we have already covered that here, albeit at a slightly different angle. Anyway, the great part comes when bylinist (and new favorite person) Stephanie Rosenbloom just goes ahead and makes the joke for us:

The scholars found it common for online daters to fudge their age or weight, or to post photographs that were five years old. Also, the world is round and the chemical symbol for water is H2O.
For that, Stephanie, I salute you.

cousin: i mean, i didn't even realize people did it in pencil.
me: i don't even understand it. pencil is, like, the same color as newsprint.
cousin: sometimes when i'm feeling really cocky i do it in felt-tip marker.


Anonymous said...

I do mine in invisible ink.

La ReinaLexa said...

Hah. That's funny. Don't you just love when you discover something for yourself, love it, and preach it...and three weeks later Diane Sawyer is talking about how great it is and how it's the most revolutiuonary thing since sliced bread?

It makes me feel smart...AND somewhat pissed. Eh, but what are we but a ton of walking contradictions, really.

Happy New Year. =)

-j. said...

Happy Day After Birthday! (Not "Afterbirth Day", the accoutrements of which I imagine would be quite different...certainly the cake.)

schroeder said...

The Republican frontrunner honestly believes the world is 6000 years old and Adam and Eve rode around on dinosaurs. So that "the Earth is round" line might have just been a helpful reminder.

Also, you can keep the NYT's trendwatching. I prefer New York magazine's schedule of:

- a trend starts
- the trend picks up steam, spreading from Williamsburg to the rest of the city
- the trend eventually reaches the Midwest, rendering it officially spent
- the trend dies down and is forgotten about
- New York - "Hey look, everybody, a trend!"

RW said...

I think I actually prefer the postmodern response; "Trend? What trend? Oh fuck you."

It always worked for me.

RW said...

Anyway it beats having to actually pay attention. :-)