I accidentally posted this post here. I meant to post it on the flophouse gazette, the house blog my roommates and I are sporadically maintaining. I guess now it's public.

Well as long as we're talking about dreams, last night I dreamed that I won a $600 roasting chicken in a swimming contest. To cook it, I decided to start it in a cold oven and let it get to 375, and then stay there for five more minutes. Then I took the chicken out of the pan, which was full of drippings, and added butter and heavy cream to make a sauce. But I kept the heat on too high, and the sauce dried out and began to scorch, and I shouted for my brother to get me some beef broth to reliquefy it but he was absorbed in a game of Wii Tennis.

So, yeah. That was my dream.

I'm having potato chips for lunch. Also soup, but hot damn the chips are the good part.

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