oh, baby

Ever since the universe was forced to stare in admiration and awe at the extraordinarily phenomenally kickass unicorn dress, I have been meaning to post more Drawings Of Awesome Things In My Life.

One such thing was given to me for my recent birthday by Mr. B. It is a dress. It does not have unicorns on it, but heck does it give the unicorn dress a run for its money. It's pink. It's from 1954. It has one of the most perfect silhouettes I have ever seen. It is sized for a 14-month-old.

I realize it's not, um, traditional for a dude to give his 26-year-old girlfriend baby clothes as a gift. Especially when, for the record, she is not in the family way. But when I saw this dress at this really surreal store called Ohio Knitting Mills (which buys department store deadstock from the 50s/60s/70s), I would not shut up about it for days. The silhouette! The pleating! The mock neck! The tie back! I was tempted to buy it in order to bring it to a seamstress and have it copied in grownup size. I was tempted to buy it to (creepily) keep in storage until I had a daughter. But I didn't, because it was absurdly expensive for what it is, which is an infant's dress from half a century ago. So Mr. B. snuck out and bought it and had it archivally mounted and framed in this painfully beautiful sleek shadowbox and oh my god, it makes me so happy. Here it is:

And here, for reference, is one of the (undoubtedly myriad) contemporary dresses that obviously show the stamp of its influence:

Yes, it's Britain's Barbie wearing an RM by Roland Mouret "Moon" dress. Which, at $2,150 (plus shipping!), is a leetle beet pricier than my dress. But significantly less awesome, all things considered.


EL said...

1. I love that Mr. B did that for you. You were so disappointed when you took me to the store to show me the dress and it wasn't there anymore. This is the perfect ending to that tale.

2. I had a dream last night wherein we were having an H-W reunion at this wacky amusement park, and one of the rides was a spin-off of your unicorn dress, complete with castle, turrets, and flags waving. I wish I were kidding, but I'm not. This actually happened.

Kat said...
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Kat said...

am assuming that the lag time between your posts is entirely due to hours spent trying to get just the right drawings of me and liz.. which I appreciate..