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We are working on an Indian-food cookbook at work, and--having finished the photo shoot--a few of us are divvying up the foods and props to take home. So I have spent the past 20 minutes or so transferring from large ziploc bags into small ziploc bags marvelous spices like star anise, nigella, this weird dried fruit called kokum phool ... and dried fenugreek, which looks like this:

basically right now i feel like a drug dealer. This is my badass life: pretending that this baggie of fenugreek (the unique flavor found in Aunt Jemima maple syrup, and an herbaceous galactagogue*)is really a baggie containing a controlled substance, and swaggering badassedly around my cubicle.

*I cannot believe I haven't written about this word before. In fact, in my email archives, I found a message from me to Mr. B dated nearly a year ago in which I swore to post about the word. You would think, from the etymologies of demagogue (leader of people) and pedagogue (leader of children), that a galactagogue is a leader of the galaxy. Is that not a kickass concept? Except, no. Sadly, "galactagogue" means "a thing that stimulates lactation." Not really at all in the same ballpark, is it? Though it is some consolation that the word "galaxy" itself sort of has the wind knocked out of it when you realize it just means "milky place." Also kind of undermines megavillains, when you realize they are just saying "Soon I alone shall rule the Milky Place! Bwahahaha" etc.

UPDATE! I am a complete moron and I have, in fact, blogged about this word before.

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