failures of the system

When it comes to the tools of procrastination, I ask very little. A clean interface. Accessibility. A lack of those stupid floaty embedded-popup ads that you have to X closed in a teensy little corner and if your click is off by so much as a pixel you are taken to a flash site that takes seventeen minutes to load and EVEN THEN the ad has not automatically closed itself on the original page which it sullied.

Google Reader is lovely for these things, because its ads are discreet and it compiles the procrastinatory ingredients of dozens and dozens of blogs and websites in one convenient location, and I can pick and choose by headline what I think is worth reading.

I read Gawker on my RSS feed instead of on the site itself. But every time they change a headline, the entry reposts. So this morning I got:

Harvard Duchess' Terrifying And Awesome Midget Parties

Harvard Duchess' Awesome -- Or Terrifying -- Midget Party

Harvard Duchess' Awesome, Terrifying Midget Party

and, of course

Harvard Duchess' Party Midgets Of Terrifying Awesomeness

THIS IS NOT HAPPYMAKING. I realize this is a first-world complaint of the highest order, but goddamnit I am not happy about the deterioration of efficiency in my work-avoidance. Let alone the blatantly ridiculous failure to correctly use the possessive of "duchess." That is all.

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