love has aurally ambiguous modifiers

You know that very famous song by the Box Tops that goes "My love is a river running [pause] soul deep"? Yeah well up until basically twenty seconds ago I thought it was "My love is a river running [pause] so deep."

I only discovered my own error when googling what I thought the lyric was produced exactly zero google hits. So not only am I the moron who mishears the concept "deep as my soul, which is presumably very deep" as "really deep, but indeterminately so," I am the only person on the internet who does this.

This post is worth it 31% because it is Valentine's Day-Appropriate (because it is about a love song), and 69% because it is about me being an idiot, and I am assuming you people like to read about that.


Lisa M. said...

Love is an oft-misinterpreted thing. As are lyrics.

XopJesse said...

The Gin Blossoms covered this once upon a time. Which kind of begs the question, what does it mean to have soul-deep love when you are entirely lacking in soul?