vignette: braaaaaaaaadshaw!

amy: this t-shirt is the most horrible piece of clothing i have ever seen.
me: omg
me: this hurts me as a feminist
me: even as a self-hating feminist
me: no one is allowed to wear this. i will cry. and punch them.
amy: maybe gay guys
amy: but not the mincing skinny kind
me: no, it has to be burly lumberjack gay men
amy: the hairier and burlier the better
me: beer and ketchup stains
amy: like if the dad from roseanne was suddenly into dudes
me: and louboutins


Amy said...

Ugly and no commas. In general I do not heart, I heart shirts.

Amy said...

or rather I do not heart I heart shirts.

RW said...

My kid beat up your I heart shirt.