vignette: elitism

me: i am saturated by images from vogue and elle and tv shows and movies that all reinforce a fashion sense that is anything BUT the new jersey look
me: but clearly these women are getting reinforcement /somewhere/
Erica: New Jersey is a giant black hole.
Erica: They have secretly never really released a full grip on the 80's hair, coloring, or music, really.
me: also i think there is a space-time portal between them and long island
me: i don't understand how those two regions can flank arguably the center of american fashion and not have anything rub off
Erica: It's not a space-time portal, it's the Verrazano, baby.


RW said...

I think there's a nexus point on Staten Island...

RW said...

...which is essentially what Erica said there. (coughs)

Smith said...

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