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Blah blah blah I like clothes. But check out the awesomeness that comprises the tags for this post: fashion, celebrities, the olsen twins, nazis, escandalo. HOW CAN YOU NOT READ ON?!


The Olsen twins have a fashion line. You probably already know this. In fact, you probably already know that they have two: the high-end one, The Row, where a tshirt is like seven hundred and fifty dollars, and the "mid-range" one, Elizabeth and James, where a tshirt is only like four hundred and twelve dollars. They're both actually pretty terrific-looking lines, and but for the fact that I personally am approximately the size of both Olsens put together, plus probably the Olsen mom and dad as well, and also but for the fact that I work in publishing and therefore am horribly, devastatingly poor ... But for these things, I might own some article of clothing designed by the Misses Michelle Tanner, and actually not be ashamed of that fact.

I buried the lede: The Olsens have designed a pair of silk hostess pants for their Elizabeth and James line. I would go on a tangent about the absurdity of "hostess pants" and their sartorial frenemy, the caftan, and how much I hate that Vogue et aliquid try really really hard to convince me that hostess pants and caftans are actually legitimate articles of clothing to be worn around friends and loved ones, perhaps while bringing to the table a gruyere souffle and a nice salad of some locally-sourced peppercress, and not in fact just pajama pants and a beach cover-up, which is in reality what hostess pants and caftans are. But this is not the time for that.

This is the time to point out that, per WhoWhatWear Daily, one of the colors in which you can buy The Hostess Pajama Pant (and snaps to MK&A for conceding at least that point) is Prussian Blue.

This is notable for two reasons:

1. While it has an actually pretty fascinating chemical history, "Prussian Blue" is best known for being the residue color left from the Zyklon-B used in the gas chambers of the Holocaust.

2. No, wait, actually, "Prussian Blue" is best known for being the name of the white supremacist pop-folk group fronted by eerily cute adolescent blonde twins Lynx and Lamb Gaede! Who are basically known around the internet as The Nazi Olsens! And who claim that their songs are just about topics their friends like! And who, oh wait, "claim not to be supremacists, but separatists, saying they want a homeland for white people and that being supremacist contradicts the ideology of separatism," so oh wait okay it is all totally fine now.

So call me crazy, dudes, but my thought is this: If I were the Olsens (or, like, half of them), I would probably not want my Hostess Pajama Pants (note: snack cakes?) furthering any sort of link between my Cute Twin Brand and the Nazi Cute Twin Brand.

But then again, the Olsens are billionaires, and I am a hundredaire (but only until rent is due!), so maybe they know what they are doing. L'holocaust, tres chic, non?


Kat said...

Prussian Blue! I am obsessed with them and would sort of love to write an ethnography of their insanity.

Also those pants are ridiculous.

Drew said...

Your site comes up third when Googling "hostess pants."

ljd said...

I don't want to be an apologist for anything in your post, including hostess pants. But as a painter, before you throw a candlelight vigil, I do want to point out that "Prussian blue" is a real color and has been around for a long time before it had any unsavory connotations (according to http://www.winsornewton.com/main.aspx?PageID=307). However, maybe it's one of those things that Should Be Changed, Really, Don't You Think, Now That It Has Rather Unfortunate Associations.

Paul Gowder said...


This post is a delight. I love you. Come to California and marry me.