convergence & cookies

This Sunday, in Manhattan, the following things occur:

1. New York Comic-Con
2. The second night of Passover*
3. A visit from the pope

Ten bucks -- or a cookie plus postage, whichever comes first -- to the person who most brilliantly synthesizes these three things.

*I realize that technically this happens everywhere. But the venn diagram of "everywhere" has a region in it that includes New York, so I am confident in the accuracy of this statement.


RW said...

All three are about religious regalia.

Sunday 12:30 - 1:00 PM
How to Draw Superheroes
Capes, muscles, and superpowers ahoy!

joe said...

Downing a glass of kosher wine for each page of
Battle Pope
you read out loud to a group of strangers you just happened to let into your house.

Neil said...

i had an incredibly witty response that surely would've earned me a cookie. alas, i've learned that you are an indian cookie giver. (ironic, since i'm indian.)

Byron said...

My favorite Superman quote: "I'm here to fight for Absolute Truth, the justice of Israel, and the American Way."

-j. said...

(I was going to go for a "selling comics"/"selling chametz" theme but, as I often do, got stuck on the Catholicism. So went with this instead.)

Holy See/holy Seder/"Holy semantics, Batman!*"

(*Actual quote from the TV series, FWIW.)

Fishman said...

This is easy. Battle-Pope Annual #3, wherein the Battle-Pope attends a seder of infinite doom! Purchase this annual, signed by Robert Kirkman at the con, and then grab a drink with him afterwards at the Seder of Stan Lee.