cookies aloft!

What do you get when you combine the Pope, the ancient exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt, and a weekend of bearded men insisting that they have Jedi powers?

Sadly we got no references to Ratzinger looking eerily like Emperor Palpatine, or the Pharaonic implications of nerd-hierarchies. But kudos (or, more accurately, cookies) to all six of you who tried your manly hands at my feeble attempt at outsourcing the writing of jokes.

For those of you whose addresses I don't have readily available, please send them to me. For everyone else, watch the mail for some sort of delectable cookiform treat.

It is worth noting that, while my weekend did not include any time spent in the company of the Pope, it did involve attendance at both Passover seders and el convencion de los comics. However, short of seeing the actual real-life bits&pieces of a real-life porn star as she leaned over to write something,* nothing is quite worth committing to an infinite life in the google archive.

*Whether this occured at seder or at Comic Con, I'll never tell.

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