fowl play

I don't know why all I can really think about anymore is clothing (or maybe, more accurately, why suddenly I am powerless to stem the near-constant flood of clothing-related thoughts, whereas before I could shove it aside for periods of time sufficient to have in my life e.g. earned a BA in philosophy, successfully negotiated a lease, and acquired and thus far retained a career in a non-talking-about-clothing-related field). Whatevs. I want this shirt:

It has a sequined swan* on it, lined in red sequins which I have decided are the blood of its enemies. Also I could buy twenty of them for the cost of the Bottega Veneta dress.

Tomorrow: something deep and intellectual! That in no way relates to fabric! That I have not come up with yet!

*FUN FACT: the actress Swoosie Kurtz's first name is a reference to a cross between a swan and a goose and an airplane. This is not a lie.

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