penny wise

At the vending machine in my office, a 12-ounce can of Diet Dr Pepper is $1.00, and a 20-ounce bottle of Diet Coke is $1.50. This means that the incredibly beautifully painfully delicious Diet Dr Pepper is 8.3¢ per ounce, and the nice and okay Diet Coke is 7.5¢ per ounce.

The question which I have not been able to answer for the last freaking hour, resulting in tremendous thirst and personal frustration, is whether the difference in awesomeness is worth a marginal 0.8¢ per ounce.

Update: It turns out that, yes, it is. Excitement in the mouth!

Other update: I was pretty sure that "excitement in the mouth" was a Jerkcity reference from the depths of my geeky subconscious, but Google points me only to weird-yet-hilarious Pokey the Penguin.

Update son of update: Okay so. It is a Jerkcity reference after all.


Marc Fishman said...

I need to tell you Helen that I am sorry. Sorry you didn't get the memo that Diet Coke is the end-all-be-all god sent beverage of all drinkery (not a word but awesome anyways).

Diet Dr. Pepper is merely an aspartame frankencola that was supposed to be cherry root beer but failed (thats true too).

Should have gone the route of the crisp refreshment of Diet Coke, and saved some cents while you were at it. :)

Marcin said...

Pokey is of course the locus classicus.