This is basically a chain letter

Triple-threat A Lady (she's brilliantly smart, brilliantly dressed, and I suspect is one of the people in the world who could school my butt on Scrabulous) has passed along an blogmemethingaroo that requires me to tell you six unimportant things about me, and then assign this to six more people. Okay, so it isn't required in the sense of horrible things will happen if I don't do it. But damn if I haven't been posting here with serious frequency lately, so I am not going to turn down an opportunity to keep the streak going.

N~E~Wayz. Oh gross I just typed that. But I couldn't resist. Anyways.

One: I have this deep yet irrational belief that whatever I do next in my life will be the thing that I do for the entire rest of my life until I retire or die. Career-wise. As a result, I feel paralyzed about making any future-related life decisions.

Two: I have this very bad habit of doodling women's faces whenever I have paper and pen in front of me. Occasionally I will attach the heads to very, um, Barbie-esque bodies. This has made for raised eyebrows during workplace meetings.

Three: I hatehatehatehate overwrought presentations at restaurants. I don't like to feel like I'm sullying someone's aesthetic vision by taking a bite of my chicken. Sometimes I will order pasta or soup just to avoid fancy plating.

Four: My feet are wimps. Every single pair of shoes that I own, including Converse All-Stars and other forms of sneaker, has given me blisters. Right now my left heel is covered with a spectacular latticework of band-aids.

Five: I assign character traits to numerals. I can talk at length about them, and their relationships to each other. Five is a total asshole.

Six: In my mind, I will not truly be an adult until I have bought my first non-secondhand couch. Not that I have even bought my first secondhand couch yet.

Passing the damn thing forward:
and whichever 2 of you are the first to do it in the comments.

Bonus Seven: sometimes I sign my emails "xoxo Gossip Girl" and I am not ashamed of that fact.


Marc Fishman said...

Six unimportant things about Marc Alan Fishman.

1. I love my middle name and make any excuse I can to show it off. However, I don't like anyone to call me by my full name. I just like the way it looks.

2. Thanks to my typography 2 teacher from Herron, the lower case 'k' is my favorite letter of all time.

3. I still mouth the words, air drum/strum, and or blatantly sing under my breath when a good song pops up on my iPod. This happens often at work, giving way to solid blocks of time where the entire IS department stares at me from their stations with subdued anger.

4. Though I've not had one in years, I know for a fact strawberry Charleston Chews are a gift from g-d.

5. I often dream of a platter of chicken mcnuggets to be served with 20 different dipping sauces.

6. After finishing every comic (which I read only in the WC mind you) I generally take a minute to collect my thoughts on a)whether I liked the book and b)why I liked or disliked the book and c) what I would have done different had I been the one to write it.

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