Today's Bad Karma

Discovery: RSS feeds are really great for when you have an ambivalent relationship to a certain person and want to read their blog in order to feel superior to them, but do not want to give them fodder for their sitemeter and thereby increase their blog-driven self-worth.

At the present time there are no people about whom I feel this way or to whom I do this. But I am filing this little insight away for the inevitable necessity of its implementation.

Did you catch my kickass use of non-preposition-ending phrases in that above paragraph? God. I would totally date me if I were not me, yet still had all my current characteristics, and I-as-me still existed along with I-as-not-me. It could happen?


Marcin said...

Unless they count the number of people accessing their rss feed, of course.

RW said...

I don't have any added capacity, or any capacity at all really, to check site stats. I have done away with any and all widgets, and/or any metering to capture the traffic statistics.

I just assume you don't like me because you never stop by and make a noise now and again.

In fact it is by shear will of my good nature I come back here at all! Well that and the possibility of cookies now and again.

helen said...

Hey mister RW, I can barely muster the energy to reply to comments on here, let alone the rest of the internet. But I will try to make my presence known a little louder, hm? Promise.