Vignette: Rules

Two things that I said today, in two different internet-conversations, with two different people, without at any point realizing that oh christ, I am that girl. Except for now, when I just realized it:

(1) Re these shoes:
me: i think it is morally reprehensible to spend more than $20 on flipflops
me: unless the actual resale value of the raw material exceeds that amount

(2) Re this dress:
me: i categorically refuse to spend more than $45 for a piece of jersey
me: and even that is generous


Marcin said...

I don't know that girl. I'm sorry.

Marc Fishman said...

I could write an entire book on why I hate the flip flop. It's not a shoe. It's not even a foot covering. Wearing flip-flops is akin to proclaiming to the world that while you may care to dress yourself, you make the choice to dare the world to find something, ANYTHING with which to step on. Nay I say. And did you ever wonder why girls in the midwest think the flip flop is business casual. Or casual. Or whatever... It pains me to think that a girl/woman thinks to herself at the mere inkling of the spring thaw, it's time to forget about shoes. Bah. Bah I say!