Last night we were all sitting around making fun of Fergie's extremely horrible theme song to the Sex and the City movie "Labels or Love," and making fun of the people who surely must exist (are they in the midwest? This idea was floated and I am ashamed to admit that even though I am from Chicago I did not defend my people) who will take unironically lyrics like "No emotional baggage, just big bags filled with Dior" and "Relationships are often so hard to tame / A Prada dress has never broken my heart before."

And in the course of making fun of these people we were saying thing such as "Let's go shopping--GIRLS NIGHT!!!" and "Oh mah gah I am DYING over your COACH BAG" and then I said "I'm having a FASHION EMERGENCY" and everyone stopped talking and laughing and looked at me expectantly and I was all "what?" and they were all "well, what is your fashion emergency, Helen?" and i was all "that was a joke in line with the jokes we were all making" and they were all "oh. um. because that is something we are all pretty sure you would actually say."

And now I feel, yet again and with much vehemence, that I need to reevaluate my life.

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Kat said...

I had a fashion emergency this morning: my jeans (singular, as I only have one pair) was in the wash, and I literally have no other pants. Glamorous. Had to just wait two hours before leaving the house.