enough already

So one of the posts near the top of the screen on my Firefox right now is the inevitable Jezebel commentary on The Whole Emily Gould Thing, written by their flagship voice, Moe Tkacik, who I generally love and want to smother with friend-cuddles distilled into self-conscious, standoffish drink-buying.

Except that Moe is friends with Emily. And her post takes the position of "hey, we all like to overshare," and "trust, kids, I know Emily personally and she is an excellent person, so no harm no foul."

This, to me? This sucks. I don't want to read a friend defending a friend. My beef with "Exposed" isn't that I think Emily sounds like a bad person (I don't) or that I don't write that very sort of stuff myself (I do! Though not in the Times). My beef is -- well, it's pretty well outlined here.

My beef with the Jezebel post, on the other hand, is this: When I read Moe's post and then go off to groom and ride my hyperbole horse, it starts to look pretty similar to some Beltway suit saying "George W. Bush? You know, we all do some pretty shitty things. And George is human like all of us. But over the last year I've really gotten to know Mr. Bush personally, and had dinner with him and his wife, and they're really very lovely people. He's only human." Which is to say, being a very nice person does not excuse completely failing to rise to your platform, Miss Gould. And Mr. Bush. For that matter.

After I read the Jezebel post I had these thoughts and I actually went back to bed and said them out loud to Mr. B.** and he was like YOU SHOULD POST THAT and because it isn't even noon yet on Memorial Day I am going to blame the simple fact of this ludicrous analogy on my sleep-addled brain. And now Mr. B. is wandering in the living room singing the "Good Morning" song from Singin' in the Rain, so I have to go be awake now.

**On the phone! We don't live in sin! Okay that is a lie. It was in person but we don't live in sin, we only Spend The Night With A Change Of Clothes in sin.

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