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Imagine my surprise when I clicked over to Sart this morning and saw that his Style Profile was none other than The Guy Who Plays Banjo During Sunday Brunch At Union-Smith Cafe in Brooklyn, a.k.a. someone I have eaten several meals within several feet of, and have in fact put a dollar or sometimes two into the cap of, depending on how absorbed I was in his music vis-a-vis my plate of roasted asparagus and bacon and soft-cooked egg (nb: swoon).

So this is kind of exciting, and gives me hope that some day The Sartorialist will see me, a paragon of stylishness in my jeans and v-neck sweater and flats, and be all YOU ARE MY MUSE, I MUST PHOTOGRAPH YOU and I will be all ain't no thing, due to having eaten brunch to the soundtrack of one of your earlier subjects, and then I will be a princess in a castle with seventeen ponies and a magical bathtub filled with moonbeams.

note: googlestalking reveals that Michael Arenella (his name!) does not actually play brunch at Union Smith anymore, and has in fact transferred his banjo and dulcet singing voice over to Bar Tabac, which some people hate.

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Marcin said...

Perhaps the staff at Red and Green in Shoreditch are issued the same manual as the staff at Bar Tabac. Don't go there.