remedial media

On a certain day, at a certain bar, when I had consumed perhaps too many beers on a perhaps too-empty stomach, I decided to tell my oh-so-brilliant friend Gregory that he seemed, to me, like the Jewish Malcolm Gladwell, what with the whole British Empire-born, Canada-raised, poofy-haired writerness. I meant this as a compliment.

Today after work, walking through the West Village on my way to have New York's most overrated pork buns at Fatty Crab, I ran into the non-Jewish Malcolm Gladwell, which is to say the actual real true Malcolm Gladwell, himself, whose hair is indeed quite as poofy as it appears in photographic representation.

Of course here by "ran into" I mean "almost body-checked due to walking speed," not "encountered socially and had a pleasant conversation with." That being said, this is a meaningful story not because of the how losery it might be to recognize New Yorker writers on the street (very), even media-prominent ones (slightly less very) with very easily identifiable hair (only a little).

It is meaningful because at first glance, I actually thought it was Greg, and almost inadvertently did that horrible thing where you say hello to a famous person while unaware that the reason you know their face is that they are famous, and not some dude you went to camp with.


Kat said...

Wow. Didn't recognize a single one of the names in that post.

RW said...

I recognized Gigot and Clarence Thomas. Only too well. But I thought mention of the Grove was forbidden. Rule #1 and all.

I'm going to have to phone Paul and register my displeasure with his furtive attempts to impress a young person as if he is all that. I happen to know he thinks Budweiser is perfectly fine.

The common, everyday, thug.

Dum Dum FIshman said...

"...while I frantically mentally scrambled to find some kind of witty comment to indicate that I was preternaturally sagacious for my relatively sapling-esque age."

Yup. You make my use of the word "idiosyncratic" seem utterly pedestrian.

I'm gonna go and knock my head on a wall or somethin'.

Skyla said...

I absolutely adore Malcolm Gladwell, and would have liked to have read about your face to face encounter, had you spoken to him.