socialiteism, again

The last time I accused myself of being a socialite, it was because I was attending this incredibly foofy food-world-related event that involved mad dashes to the tasting tables of dozens of restaurants, but did not - wtf - include a really awesome gift bag.

Last night I went to an event that was similar, in many ways, except that it DID involve a really awesome gift bag, and that was excellent. It also involved Berkshire pork pate sandwiched between two pieces of crispy dark chocolate with sea salt (from Blue Hill), potatoes with ramps and black truffle from Casa Mono, black bread with sea urchin and jalapeno (picture! [from Grub Street]) from Jean-Georges, and oh what is the point of listing the infinity of wonderfulnesses, because all it will serve to do is make you jealous of me, which will make you hate me, which will leave me an empty and unloved shell of a girl. Suffice to say that I ate brilliantly well (and, if the empty glasses of tamarind margarita are to be counted, drank not so badly too), and I came home with a giant gift bag of completely useless crap but that's okay because it was a gift bag, and while my rising socialite star is not really an excuse for my posting absence, it is at least a diverting and annoying enough story to make you forget, briefly, that I left you, and instead focus on how bile-raising it is when I go do cool things and then talk about them in public.

Two notes, though:

First, to the lady with the really nice haircut who was standing near the Casa Mono table: At a foodie event, full of chefs and foodie-groupies and food professionals and other horrible types, it is considered somewhat atypical to be very loudly asking your companions THEY SAID THIS HAS RAMPS. WHAT IS A RAMP? IS IT THIS BROWN THING? IT TASTES LIKE A MUSHROOM. THIS RAMP TASTES LIKE A MUSHROOM. FYI: that was a truffle. Other FYI: you were there during the VIP preview, which indicates that you spent $375 on your ticket. It escapes me how you can be the sort of person who thinks it is worth spending $375 for an event like this and yet does not know the difference between a ramp and a truffle. Unless you are like me, and attended via the largesse of your employers, which might be the case with you, in which case I back off a little but not a lot because WHO DOES NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A RAMP AND A TRUFFLE?! (Don't answer that.)

Second, to the organizer of the silent auction: It is really cute that you decided to have a package called "Brooklyn Eats," made up of two dinners: one at Grimaldi's, located in Brooklyn, and one at New Leaf Cafe in Fort Tryon Park, located in Manhattan. Nice.

Up next: Tonight I am going to a black-tie dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria where a seat costs more than half my rent (again, kindness of strangers). Baby's First Gala! That should totally be a christmas ornament.


Marcin said...

What's a ramp? Other than a sort of wedge?

Marc Fishman said...

You try hard not too, but it works so very well anyways. My dear last night I had mozz. stuffed breadsticks and felt fancy. There went that feeling. But it's cool to know that there is a new nerd classification. I wonder where on the chart of nerdyness (where star trek fans are the bottom, and the top is a streamlined battle between comic book fans and "x-files" watchers...) where foodies fall in the nerd continuum...