tequila makes me spell things wrong

Let me just say first, with pride, that I just made a margarita from scratch for the first time in my life. And by "from scratch" I do not mean that I grew the agave personally or even farmed my own salt. What I mean is that instead of buying Jimmy-Buffett-branded margarita mix I instead bought Cointreau and a giant pile of limes, and I mixed things using a jigger in order to generate the correct proportions.

Let me say secondly, with embarrassment, that I have had ONE SIP of my margarita, via a twirly straw because why not, and as a result there is tingling under my fingernails on my right hand and I am blinking a lot and if I hadn't gone back and corrected all the typos that originally appeared in this post you would just not have freaking believed me. I have spelled my games.yahoo logon name incorrectly FOUR TIMES before finally getting it right by only letting my pointer fingers do the typing. I am fairly confident that I am about to have my ass handed to me at online euchre.

Note: OH MY GOD how much awesome would be contained in Warren-Buffett-branded margarita mix? Answer: SO MUCH.


Kat said...

Was it the twirly glasses straw?

EL said...

That is EXACTLY what I also wanted to know.

helen said...

no. but goddamn it should have been.