vignette: the editorial instinct

. Sent at 4:34 PM on Thursday
me: here is what i am doing
me: (this is INCREDIBLY pathetic)
me: in an epic attempt to avoid work, i copy/pasted the entire text of Emily Gould's nytimes article into ms word
Cassie: uuuuhhhhh
me: it's 7900-odd words
me: i am editing it down to modern love length: 1500-2000
Cassie: ha
Cassie: are you going to submit it as your own?
me: no
me: i'm just seeing if it helps it suck less
Cassie: ha
Cassie: that is hilarious
me: it can be a testament to my powers as an editor
Cassie: maybe it will distill the suckery into one, incredibly potent little suck pill

. Sent at 4:37 PM on Thursday
me: ok, i give up
me: i can't keep doing this simply because i cannot read this again
me: it is so painfully boring that i want to die
Cassie: that is totally valid

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Cunning_Linguist said...

lol.....distilling the suckery. Line of the day.