afternoon of a thousand stars

Today I saw the musical Grease, on Broadway, starring the winners of the NBC reality show/talent contest/travesty of entertaininment Grease: You're the One That I Want, and also Taylor Hicks, winner of FOX's American Idol, and also at the intermission point my Grandma pointed out that Mister I Am Going To Simultaneously War With Helen Over The Armrest And Also Play With My iPhone During The Whole First Act was in fact Daniel Dae Kim, aka the Asian dude on ABC's Lost.

I have seen zero episodes of any of these shows, but the 50s nostalgia that the show engendered in me, plus the fact that the reality show stars onstage were all in fact sort of awesomely talented have conspired together to make me feel very reinvigorated about the state of network television in America.

Also I made lamb dumplings tonight and they were awesome, and this is an unrelated fact but I am going to have to talk about food more on here for reasons I will reveal when I am psychologically prepared to Admit To The Internet a fun fact about my life.

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RW said...

What is it called when a person has nostalgia for a time they didn't live in? is that neuralgia? I'm confused.