the bleeding edge

Everyone's favorite fashion expert, Ms. Lady, is MIA. I almost emailed her this link with a bolded, underlined, YOU SHOULD BLOG ABOUT THIS note, but then decided heck y'alls, I'll do it myself.

I am super-obsessed with marker bleeding. Not, like, it is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, or even so much that I think about it on a once-a-day schedule, but more that whenever I encounter it, I have this deeply-felt moment of GOD THIS IS SO WONDERFUL, WHY AM I NOT DOING THIS? And normally this is a feeling I have with regard to art of the wall-hangable variety, but oh my goodness now it is happening on a DRESS, to wit, fernando brízio's marker-pocket-washable-thingy dress:

This is super-mega-awesome. It really is. You can put markers in the pockets in any pattern, wait an hour for the bleed to form, wear it in good health, and then wash it clean to start anew. If I were the kind of girl to Do Things, as opposed to just Think Things, I would totally be going out to try this myself, probably using permanent markers, probably not sewing pockets into the shift. In fact, Mr. B got me a set of markers last year, and I wonder if this would be a good use for them...


Cunning_Linguist said...

( overheard at a fashion show) You know.... marker bleedings are the new crayon smears.

It's neat. I can't recall as ever hearing about them. Consider my cherry broken and you are the one to have done it.

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