Objet d'WTF

In the inbox this morning:

This two-part tasting bowl, commissioned from Sèvres by the Crown specifically for the farm, was designed for the Queen to partake of the farm's fresh milk and is said to be fashioned from a cast of her own breast. The artists adorned the tripod with the head and hoofs of a goat, the Queen's favorite animal. In 2004, Sèvres produced these two special bowls directly from its original moulds. An 18th Century original resides in the museum at the Sèvres manufactory.

Bowl 5" x 5.25 diameter.


Un peu de recherche Google indicates that the Queen in question is Mme. Marie Antoinette. Also, if anyone gets this for me for my birthday (T minus 173 days!), I will honestly not know what to do with my facial expression.


Cunning_Linguist said...

The Queen's a full B. Who knew?

giulia said...

bahahaha. this is ridiculous.

ljd said...

Oh man, for some reason I missed the French cues and was thinking of Elizabeth II. I was genuinely horrified.