Stop the Presses: PANTS=FOUND

Look, kids, I am not one to walk around staring at people's asses. Or rather, I am not one to walk around staring at people's asses and then taking my camera out of my bag and surreptitiously taking a picture of said ass, and then posting the picture of the ass on the internet. In fact, the one time I did it, my not-yet-boyfriend was so horrified that he almost considered not becoming my actual-yes-boyfriend, and the future as we've known it so far was almost destroyed.

In the immortal words of Britney Spears, Oops... I did it again. And by "oops" here I mean "with complete intentionality, also a little bit of jumping up and down at the awesomeness." BECAUSE. BECAUSE, DUDE, LOOK:

Do you know where this lady was standing? She was standing TWENTY FEET FROM MY APARTMENT. Just chilling in the doorway of the Chinese takeout place. Having those pants on. THOSE PANTS THAT DECLARE HER ABSTINENCE.

I am starting to believe in god.


Amy said...

Thank you so much for posting this picture. I really think someone should remake 'Smack that' as follows: "Smack that, true love waits. Smack that, you can't have none. Smack that, not till you make me an honest one. Smack that, ooooh."

It was so nice to see you.

Lilly said...

Poor child, she needs to believe in true love, with an ass and fashion sense like that.

Whew. I hope she finds her trew luv.

Cunning_Linguist said...


just, wow.

xopjesse said...

I suspect true love may be waiting quite a bit longer than she might hope.