Various Nights

I am kind of obsessed with the Brooklyn Cyclones. I love the little-league earnestness of the games, the youthful insouciance of the players (hey there, first baseman Ike Davis), the deeply Marty Markowitzian sense of Brooklyn micro-pride.

But particularly what I love are the theme nights. Virtually every evening is something fun: Asian-American heritage night, LEGO Bionicle Battle night, the inexplicable Salute to the Pork Rind.

At a recent game, Mr. B and I were browsing the upcoming evenings. Medieval Times. Bring Your Bike night. Power of Attorney Night.* Nut Free Night.

"Nut free night? Is that when, like, you don't wear underwear?"
"Maybe it's a typo and it's 'free nut' night, and you get free peanuts?"

No. It turns out it is a night when they don't sell peanuts, so those with deathly nut allergies can watch low-level minor league baseball without keeling over in death. But because of my new career as an investigative journalist, I wanted more info. So I called the Cyclones (seriously! I actually picked up the phone!) and asked for some detail.

The nice lady who picked up the phone seemed a little confused by my request for more depth on this whole Nut Free Night concern, but eventually got to the point:

"You can bring your own peanuts, but we're not going to be selling them."

So basically they are willing to pass the liability on to you. Anyone dies of a peanut allergy on Nut Free Night? Not the Cyclones' problem.

Whether you choose to wear underwear that evening is, however, up to you.

*What the hell is Power of Attorney Night? If you have an answer, you win.


David said...

At a Cyclones game a few weeks ago, it was the top of the tenth, one guy had gotten on base, and then the pitcher had mysteriously decided to walk two guys. So it was all loaded for the batter up, who had decent stats. Suddenly, two rows behind me, an eight-year-old cried:

"Don't let it end like this! NOT LIKE THIS!"

Boom! Grand slam.

At least we ran into Darryl Strawberry on the way out. He looked like a wreck.

Byron said...

... that's when the stadium lights use electricity from generators fired by the burning carcasses of lawyers. Duh. (I'm not quite sure how that is a promotion, though.)

xopjesse said...

i've been meaning to make it down to a cyclones game since my brother moved to coney island. those are some hella pricy tickets for rookie league ball though, its more than I used to pay for tickets to AA and AAA games!