Vignette: But I Can Say It Here!

So wow. I'm a professional blogger now, health insurance and all. And in light of that, the usual circumspection that I maintain here (no truly horrific sexual imagery, no sailor-quality swearing, no trade secrets about the workplace) actually seems a bit liberal in comparison to the basic rules that tend to come along with blogging on someone else's dime. Not that I'm censored. But there are some turns of phrase...

me: i am going to write a post about [food-related thing that enrages me] at some point, though possibly it will wind up on RSGo because i don't see how i can do this without assloads of vitriol
Leila: oh, i think that's fine. you should do it for your national post
me: can i really use the phrase UNLESS YOU ARE A FUCKING RETARD in allcaps a lot of times?
Leila: you probably cannot say either fucking or retard
Leila: but synonyms are a delight!
me: sexing disabled person?
Leila: yes
Leila: effing dumbass
Leila: i would also support


John Darko said...

You get health insurance! Where do I sign up? HAHA nice blog, haven't read the majority of it though but I will. I took the liberty of blogrolling ya. Toodles!

Marc Fishman said...

Huh, professional blogger? wha?