The Omnivore's Hundred

I could cross-post the hundred-line foodie meme that I put up over at paid-to-write-blog, but instead I'll just link to it. Because I am a lazy ass.



-j. said...

Interesting list...doubt there's much on there that I would never eat, except the #26 (to which I am allergic) and perhaps #75 (that's AWFULLY vague...what animal are we talking about here?)

(Admittedly, I may have very well already consumed the latter as a result of my inexplicable affinity for #15.)

RW said...

You beat me on the amount of the list you've tried, but where is kangaroo, ostrich, African antelope and quail eggs that would put me right in there?

Oh and I've done the absinthe, and I klove it, but louche is what it does when you add water and sugar, not a "kind" of absinthe. wtf did I miss thar?

Cunning_Linguist said...

mmmmmm, loves food and has an affinity for the lazy. Put the heels on and I'm penciling you in for a proper stalking.

Kangaroo.... not for me. Bleh.